stefIdolatre Clothing is a Seattle brand created by Stefanie McClelland, a professionally trained fashion designer with a flair for combining extravagant and innovative design work with practical and danceable construction techniques to create electrifying and feral works of wearable art. She designs, patterns, and lovingly constructs each garment herself, ensuring all Idolatre products are crafted with quality and attention to detail.

Eager to expose the beauty of which we are all capable, Idolatre Clothing is dedicated to producing a flattering range of non-discriminatory sizes. Because Idolatre is a small company, each fabric is handpicked to be ideally suited to the garment in which it is used, whether it’s for fetish and club wear, an elaborate couture gown, corsets, a tailored jacket, men’s jeans or just a pair of fancy panties.

Since childhood Stefanie has had an enthusiasm for creation that ranged across a broad spectrum of the arts, giving her a knowledge of many different mediums and materials, knowledge that she loves to incorporate into her designs, as well as allowing her to create accessories that perfectly complement her work such as headdresses, jewelry, and pasties. After graduating she was employed by a noteworthy local costume shop specializing in corsetry and period garments. In the course of this job she has constructed product for operas, movies, television, Broadway musicals, and even corsets for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She is never happier than when at home, surrounded by cats, rabbits, and books, dreaming up new visions and bringing them out into the real world to play.

For more irreverent clothing worship contact idolatre [!at] gmail.com.

My pets (all of which are rescue animals): Ryan (loving husband), Nero (kitty), Sweet Dee (kitty), George (bunny), Harley (bunny)

I love what I do, and I hope you do, too. <3